Our Firm

Muzinich & Co was founded in New York in 1988. Since the beginning, we have focused on a relationship-based institutional business that has stressed the importance of seeking to produce consistently attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Firm Values


Trust is the foundation on which the firm is built. We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously.


Our independence encourages integrity in thought and action, allowing for unbiased, longer-term thinking.


Our flat organizational structure and collaborative approach fosters individual responsibility within a team-orientated culture.


Our emphasis on transparency provides complete clarity for our clients.


We work in partnership with our clients, developing a relationship built on trust. Our commitment is to become valued partners and to be considered as an extension of their business

Investment Values

Credit Analysis

We believe that robust fundamental research is the long-term driver of attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

Risk Mitigation

We have a profound awareness of asymmetric risk and understand the importance of stress testing and diversification.


We believe that our process is focused, time-tested and repeatable.

In-house Research

We conduct our own in-depth, bottom-up research. While we may consider, we do not depend on rating agencies or the views of external providers.

Our investment process includes looking at the strength of a company’s business plan, its management, its history and its viability in different economic environments. We employ quantitative and/or qualitative analysis when helpful to build a deep understanding of the dynamics and drivers of a company’s business model.